Tired of saying goodbye to your pup when you go to a show or music festival? Well, you may opt to bring them right along thanks to PAWNIX’s noise-cancelling headphones for dogs.

The headphones appear to be a full-on helmet, with stretchy material and a chin strap to keep the device snug and comfortable on the ever-active dog. They are stated on the company’s site to have many uses, from dogs’ PTSD recovery to protection from loud noises such as fireworks and storms.

PAWNIX headphones also have a built-in feature they call “The Electronic,” which is a Bluetooth-connective device inserted into the headphones. Dog parents can then play music to calm their furry friends, turning a “ruff” day into a rejuvenating one. And if you don’t know what music to play for your pup? The site has a section for that, offering recommendations and explanations for each selected classical song.

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The inspiration for this invention is given a dedicated page on the PAWNIX website, and her name is Emma. The brand educates interested buyers about the statistics of lost dogs during the 4th of July and shares an incident that motivated the headphones’ conception. Now Emma and dogs everywhere can enjoy fireworks, thunderstorms and loud shows in a comfortable and im-paws-ibly cute fashion.

PAWNIX’s noise-cancelling headphones appeared on the 13th season of ABC’s Shark Tankwhen all of the Sharks found Emma to be the cutest (and record-breakingly oldest) dog they’d had on the show. While the company failed to secure an investment, it did ultimately get an endorsement from billionaire Mark Cuban.

PAWNIX headphone sizes range from XS to XL so that dogs of all sizes can enjoy your favorite ear-splitting activities with you. Check out the headphones on the PAWNIX website.