Known for her characteristically industrial and acid-inspired brand of techno, Anfisa Letyagoa member of the Class of 2022is stepping into a new dimension with both her music and a groundbreaking new live show.

Her latest single “Origami” folds soundscapes like delicate paper and ushers us to a place where melodic techno flutters with playful elegance. Evoking the intricacies of the ancient art form itself, the track sees Letyago embrace a shapeshifting electronic-pop sound that diverges from her roots with playfully pitched-up vocals, warm kick drums and sparkling synth textures. She describes it as an exploration of energy and transformation, mirroring the delicate yet precise folds of paper into a refined creation.

Accompanying the release, Letyago has announced she’s teamed up with renowned AI artist Guisy Amoroso, also known as Marigoldffto develop an innovative audiovisual live show, “Partenope.”

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Inspired by the ancient Greek myth of a mermaid discovered off the coast of Naples, the show embraces an immersive underwater theme by blending Letyago’s love of the sea with Amoroso’s surrealist visual artistry. Using advanced 3D scanning technology, the DJ is transformed into a mermaid, bringing the legend to life in a mesmerizing display that’s set to premiere at August’s Red Valley Festival in Sardinia.

Listen to “Origami” below and find the new single on streaming platforms here.

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