Karol G has become one of the leading women in the music industry, especially in the urban genre. She is experiencing one of her best moments both professionally and personally and is in harmony with herself. She creates and produces what she likes and the truth is that it is not just her that likes it, since the public is fascinated by every song released by the Colombian.

For all these reasons, ‘Bichota’ stars on Vogue Spain’s July cover. Our country gives her a very special feeling, in addition to the fact that her Spanish fans give everything for her. So much so that next month she will fill the Santiago Bernabéu in her four concerts scheduled in Madrid.

Karol G, about Spain: “Your energy is from another planet”

“In Spain it’s going to be very special because those four dates are going to be the last of the ‘Tomorrow will be beautiful tour’ worldwide,” said the singer. It is worth remembering that with this album Karol has become the first female artist to reach number one on the Billboard chart and win the Grammy for Best Urban Music Album.

Regarding our country, the interpreter of ‘Provenza’ is clear: “Spain is among my top audiences. I feel that your energy is from another planet. And it is a thought that I have shared with other colleagues. People are in that vibe of partying, vacationing, enjoying everything.”

Finally, the singer has confessed that, although she is now a successful star, she has never had it easy. “It was impossible to believe that, while you were working for something, you came across comments where, because you were a woman, you had to enter into a kind of negotiation for it to work. When I started there were people who said that a woman singing urban music or reggaeton didn’t work,” she concluded.