The World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Friday of the deterioration of the health situation in occupied by due to movement restrictions, violence and attacks on medical infrastructure.

In a statement, the UN agency claims “the immediate active protection of civilians and the healthcare system in the West Bank”.

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Since the start of the war in Gaza on October 7, violence in this other Palestinian territory, occupied by Israel since 1967, has left 521 dead (including 126 children), and more than 5,200 injured (800 children), said the WHO.

This flow of wounded overloads “healthcare establishments already under tough challenges” and that they cannot operate at more than 70% of their capacity due to lack of financing, the organization explained.

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The WHO, which denounces the destruction of almost all health infrastructure in Loophas also recorded 480 cases of attacks against health establishments and ambulances in West Bank between October 7 and May 28. These actions left 16 dead and 95 injured, the organization said.

The UN agency warns that access to health care is also hindered by the closure of crossing points between Israel and the West Bank, growing insecurity and the blockade of entire towns.

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Added to all this is a serious financing crisis, aggravated by the fact that Israel Since October 7, it has withheld a larger part of the income tax it collects from Palestinians.

This makes “Healthcare personnel have received only half their salary for almost a year and 45% of essential medicines are out of stock”denounced the WHO.