With the recent celebration of her 47th birthday, Shakira seems to be in one of the most radiant moments of her life. After overcoming or being in the final stages of overcoming her breakup with Gerard Piqué, the singer is focused on new goals and projects, both personal and professional. Her foray into music in the last year has been a success, with streaming records and an imposing presence on social media, which has contributed not only to her emotional well-being but also to her financial stability. .

However, the most notable thing is the possibility that this new stage includes the arrival of a new member to the family. And the Colombian never ruled out the idea of ​​becoming a mother again, especially because she always wanted to have a daughter. According to some American media, with Shakira’s emotional recovery and her children becoming more and more independent, the artist would be considering the option of looking for a baby through surrogacy, following examples such as Ana Obregón, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and even, according to Jaime del Burgo, the wish that Queen Letizia supposedly had. This decision would avoid the risks associated with pregnancy at age 47.

Mhoni Vidente’s prediction and Shakira’s traumatic past

In the midst of the expectation, Mhoni Vidente, that enigmatic figure capable of revealing secrets from the world of celebrities, has released his prediction. With her track record of being successful in previous predictions, Mhoni suggests that Shakira could be on her way to experiencing motherhood once again. And according to her, Milan and Sasha, the couple’s children, could be about to welcome a little sister in the near future.

This desire of Shakira could be rooted in much deeper experiences than she had imagined, since according to unconfirmed rumors, the Colombian would have gone through a heartbreaking episode of spontaneous abortion a few years ago. The news emerged through the international entertainment program ‘Gossip No Like’, which assured that this sad situation occurred during her relationship with the soccer player, when the couple was full of hopes of welcoming their first daughter together.

Journalist Adriana Tovar shared details, highlighting that Shakira had always harbored the desire to be a mother and, after welcoming her two sons, Milan and Sasha, her desire to have a daughter had become even stronger. In her story, she pointed out a special moment in 2019, during Shakira’s spectacular performance in the Davis Cup. According to Tovar, at that time the artist was in the first weeks of pregnancy with a girl, a detail that had remained hidden until now. The journalist suggested that the loss occurred due to a suspected toxoplasmosis infection.

Heading towards a new motherhood: surrogacy in Miami

In addition, there has been speculation about the possibility that Shakira and Piqué have frozen embryos. With all of these signs, it seems increasingly likely that Shakira will become a mother once again in the near future, although she won’t be the one to experience pregnancy. Surrogacy is emerging as the most viable option for the singer, who is determined to fulfill her wish to have a daughter and thus complete her family.


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