The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of El Salvador declared this Friday of the ruling party Nuevas Ideas (NI), as winner of the presidential elections on February 4 by making official the results of the final scrutiny, which gave the current president 82.66% electoral support.

The TSE judge, Dora Martínez, pointed out in a press conference that Nuevas Ideas had a total of 2,700,725 votes (82.66%), the leftist Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) obtained 204,167 (6, 25%) and the right-wing Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena) had 177,881 (5.44%).

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The humanist center party Our timewhich participated for the first time in the presidential elections, obtained 65,076 (1.99%) and the formations Solidarity Force and Salvadoran Patriot Fraternity (FPS) recorded 23,473 (0.72%) and 19,293 (0.59%), respectively.

The magistrate detailed that for the 2024 presidential election there was an electoral roll of 6,214,399 citizens, 3,268,466 voted, with a participation level of 52.60%. She also pointed out that 15,064 abstentions (0.46%) and 1,760 contested votes (0.05%) were counted.

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Shortly before the results were made official, at the conclusion of the scrutiny, Bukele highlighted in his X account the overwhelming difference with respect to his opponents and the 2019 results, in which he also obtained the majority.

“In 2019, we won the presidency in the first round, with more votes than all the other parties combined. But in 2024 we won with practically all the votes of all the parties of 2019, together, including ourselves. Thank God. Thanks to the Salvadoran people”wrote the president.

The message was accompanied by a graph that highlighted the enormous difference in votes with respect to his opponents.

These results show that support for Bukele increased, given that in his first presidential elections he added 1,434,856 votes, equivalent to 53.10%, while the two traditional parties saw their flow diminish.

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In 2019, Arena positioned itself as the second force by reaching 857,084 votes in a coalition of right-wing parties and the FMLN had 389,289 votes.

This officialization of the results comes after last Sunday night Bukele proclaimed himself the winner with more than 85% of the votes, without the total number of voters and the percentage of abstentionism being known yet.

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Bukele thus becomes the first president of El Salvador to be re-elected, despite the constitutional ban, since the country left a decades-long military dictatorship and entered democracy.


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