Shakira shared in an Instagram story an update on the health status of her father, William Meberak, who currently resides in Barranquilla and was admitted to a medical center more than two weeks ago.

18 days ago I arrived from the emergency room to Barranquilla to accompany my father and fight alongside him,” the letter begins.

“Yesterday, thanks to the great human and medical team at the Iberoamericana clinic and their incredible strength, I was able to take him back home, next to my mother, who never lets go of her hand,” he explained.

The interpreter pointed out that although her father is feeling better, his health is vulnerable so the fight continues.

“Meanwhile, that smile of yours that shines even in the most difficult moments is my best example,” he concluded.

Relationship with his father

In 2023, Shakira topped People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful list. Then, he gave an interview to the publication in which he addressed how he had faced the last year of his life, in which he not only dealt with the separation from Gerard Piqué and his move to the United States, but also with his father’s illness.

“(My dad) went to Barcelona to console me when I was consumed with sadness over my separation and while there at the first communion in Milan he was seriously injured in an accident,” she recalled.

Shakira remembers that then she felt like all the problems came into her life at the same moment, a situation that made her feel even more vulnerable.

“Everything came together, my home was falling apart. I found out from the press that she had been betrayed while my dad was in the ICU. I thought she wouldn’t survive that long. The man I loved most in my life, my father, left me when I needed him most, but I couldn’t talk to him or receive the advice from my best friend that I would have needed so much,” he said.

Regarding love and relationships, Shakira is clear about one thing: her father has been that love that has reciprocated her at all times. For this reason, the Barranquilla woman moved heaven and earth to ensure that she had the best specialists and recovered as soon as possible, and although she has taken her time, she asserts that she is currently stable.

“His recovery has been very hard and slow, but he is a wonderful man and a beloved character for all of us who always surprises us with his strength. He has overcome Covid, two accidents, pneumonia, five surgeries — all this at 91 years old in less than six months. My dad is the greatest example of resilience, and my mother (Nidia Ripoll) by his side day and night accompanying him.”