Tremendous controversy has generated the singer Daddy Yankee, all after it was reported that he would be charging money to preach his change of life to follow Jesus ChristDaddy Yankee, the reggaeton icon, retired from the stage last year in his last concert in Puerto Rico , having found a new purpose in his Christian faith and would dedicate his time to preaching.

According to his statements, he will use all available tools, including music and social networks, to evangelize. She even recently revealed in an interview that she rejected $150 million to publicize her change of mind and return to the stage.

So far so good, however, the news that has recently attracted attention is that the artist would be charging about $169 dollars to listen to his life testimony and his religious message. This information has generated a wave of indignation among his followers and the general public, much more so after the Puerto Rican media made it known by showing images of the rates.

Many believe that Daddy Yankee’s decision to charge for his religious talks may be motivated by economic interests, and not by authentic religious conviction.

As expected, netizens have begun to question it. “Thousands of false prophets will arise, it says so in the Bible”, “He is a Pharisee”, “I did not know this, Daddy Yankee should explain this immediately and not let this spread any further”, “But a truly religious person should not charge nothing”, “They are only interested in making money”, “He changed his business and without paying taxes”, “What a great sin this man is committing”, and “It is the new corrupt way of making money”.

The whole commotion comes at a time when Daddy Yankee was consolidating his musical legacy and his transition to a life dedicated to faith was expected to be well received.

His decision to monetize his religious activities has brought into question the authenticity of his life change for many of his fans.