After being saved from going to jail in November for defrauding the Spanish Treasury, apparently the Colombian singer Shakira still cannot breathe or live in peace, and a new lawsuit arrives at her door and this time for allegedly having evaded a tax payment in 2018.

This Thursday, February 8, the Barranquilla woman denied communicating with a Spanish judge by video call and denied having committed such a crime, according to information released by El País and EFE. The information explains that the artist would have used a corporate structure to avoid paying 6.6 million euros, which she had already deposited months ago.

It must be remembered that, after several years of being accused of “defrauding” the Spanish Treasury, the “Monotonía” interpreter accepted the lawsuit and had to pay a fine of 7.8 million euros that helped her not to go. to prison and thus put an end to a case that the Prosecutor’s Office and the Spanish Tax Agency opened after having detected irregularities between 2012 and 2014 that resulted in the embezzlement of 14.5 million euros.

When that chapter had not yet been closed, the Barcelona Economic Crimes Prosecutor’s Office hit back at the winner of multiple Billboard awards and filed a new complaint against her for having defrauded the public treasury. Although in August she attended a court in the Spanish province to cancel the sum that she had allegedly “stolen,” the Colombian could be convicted and accused of a new tax fraud.

The Prosecutor’s Office assures that Shakira Mebarak defrauded 5.3 million euros after her “El Dorado” tour that she carried out in 2018 and the transfer of intellectual rights. Likewise, some 773,600 would also be added to the account for the 12 million that total her financial and real estate assets.

According to the complaint, the singer would have collected part of the transfer of musical rights through a company in Luxembourg with which she set up a “scheat” and signed simulated contracts. In addition, she declared taxes in which she omitted some aspects such as income. and thus be able to reduce the fee I had to pay.

The lawsuit also states that the 37-year-old performer used an instrumental company in Spain to account for the income and expenses of that same 2018 tour. Meanwhile, they mention 17 other instrumental companies, which have little capital, that Shak created. in the Netherlands, Malta, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Miami, Panama, Liechtenstein and New York.


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