Hind Rajab, a 6-year-old Palestinian girl who had been missing for almost two weeks amid the fighting in was found dead along with several relatives, they announced on Saturday and his family, who accuse Israeli forces of having killed them.

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The little girl’s body was found on Saturday in a car near a gas station in the Tel al Hawa neighborhood, in the City of Loopafter Israeli tanks withdrew from the area, his family said.

“Hind and everyone in the car died,” his grandfather, Baha Hamada, told AFP.

“They were found by members of [nuestra] family who went looking for the car and found it near the gas station”, an area until now inaccessible due to the military presence Israelihe explained.

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Hind’s mother, Wissam Hamada, denounced “the scoundrels of Netanyahu, Biden and all those who conspired against Gaza and its population.”

Questioned by AFP, she said she wanted to question them “before God about that day when my daughter asked for help (…) without anyone coming to rescue her.”

“Hind Rajab died at the hands of the occupation forces [israelíes] along with everyone who was with her in a car,” confirmed the Ministry of Health of the Palestinian Islamist movement. Hamaswhich governs the Gaza Strip since 2007, in a statement.

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The family told AFP this week that the girl and other relatives were in the car in Gaza City when they came across tanks that apparently opened fire on them.

Rajab survived at first, as evidenced by the phone call he made to his family. From that moment on, no one heard from her again, not even the Palestinian Red Cross that went looking for her, according to her family.

He israeli army He did not respond to AFP questions about the shooting at a car full of civilians, or about the whereabouts of the missing.

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The war in Gaza was triggered on October 7 when Islamist militants killed in an attack on the ground Israeli more than 1,160 people, mostly civilians, and kidnapped around 250, according to an AFP report based on official Israeli figures.

In response, Israel vowed to “annihilate” Hamas and launched a vast military offensive in Loopwhich has already killed 28,064 people, mainly women and minors, according to the Islamist group.


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