The Navy of Ecuador reported this Saturday that it rescued nine tourists from a boat that had stranded north of Isabela Island, the largest and western island of the Galapago archipelagos, located about a thousand kilometers west of the country’s continental coasts.

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The rescue was achieved thanks to the collaboration of the Galapagos National Park (PNG), the entity in charge of protecting biodiversity in the archipelago, as well as ECU-911, the Integrated Citizen Security Service, added the fountain.

The event occurred on the first day of a long festive period for the carnival, which will last until next Thursday, and which has allowed the movement of millions of people to different tourist sites nationwide.

The Ecuadorian Navy rescued 9 tourists from the ship ‘Estrella del Mar’ that ran aground north of Isabela Island. Thanks to the help of the Galapagos National Park, naval personnel were mobilized to respond to the emergency,” the military Navy reported on its X network account.

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Without giving more details, he added that, “as a result of this action, the tourists were evacuated in a timely manner” and stressed that the country’s Navy “is permanently in contact with ECU-911 to coordinate relief actions. security in the island region.”


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