Natti Natasha premiered a new song that promises to be a success and was written by none other than Romeo Santos.

Dominican international star Natti Natasha released the most moving bachata of her career. This is ‘Quiéreme menos’, a powerful love song, composed and produced by Romeo Santos, and dedicated to his partner Raphy Pina.

The song is accompanied by the most intimate video in the history of this Dominican artist. In a combination of home and professional recordings, some made at their home in Miami, and under the direction of Marlon Peña, the images give testament to the love of this couple, who has overcome great trials to stay together and give happiness to their daughter Vida .

“It’s a great song that lets you feel the unconditional love that your favorite person gives you and sometimes it’s scary because you feel that pure love so well,” said the singer of hits like ‘Sin Pijama’ and ‘Criminal’.

Recorded in Miami, ‘Quiéreme menos’ represents the Natti Natasha of today and the indestructible bond she has with the Puerto Rican producer and businessman Pina. In addition, it is a sign of the solid friendship between the artist and Romeo Santos, who collaborated for the first time on the remix of ‘La mejor version de mí’.

“Romeo managed to capture the essence of what I feel for Raphy and everything he has given me, also making a universal lyric. “It is a privilege to be able to interpret this beauty of a song, which comes from his pen and musical talent,” he added.

With more than 100 million followers on her digital platforms, this multi-platinum artist is considered one of the most important female artists in Latin music. As if that were not enough, she is one of the pioneers of the urban genre and she broke barriers first by talking about female sexuality and then domestic abuse in her subjects.

In May, the Mexico and Latin America edition of ‘Architectural Digest’ dedicated a space to the beautiful home of Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina in Miami, in which the artist showed for the first time the elegant and modern home inside, including her enviable closet.