The ‘Big Boss’ in an interview assured that his entry into Christian life came much earlier than everyone thought.

Daddy Yankee, the iconic reggaeton singer known for hits like ‘Gasolina’ and ‘Dura’, has surprised his followers with a revelation about his personal and spiritual life.

In a recent interview, the Puerto Rican artist confessed the actual year in which he made the decision to give his life to God, a crucial moment, which he decided to keep hidden until last December, when he announced his retirement from the stage.

“I knew that if I came out in 2016 saying that I converted missing a lot of contracts, the processes were not going to understand it, it was going to bring confusion, so, what did I say, I have to keep quiet, comply because when you do business you don’t You can break that just because,” explained Daddy Yankee (Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez).

Daddy Yankee: what did he say about respecting contracts despite having accepted God in his life?

“There are many people who believe that you can break that just like that and they are very wrong, because the message that you give to the world is that I serve a trickster God, that I serve a thief God,” said Daddy. Yankee about respecting the contracts he had.

“You have to be serious in contracts and I was serious, no one can say that that man is not honest, that man is honest, he complied and I am here with my head held high, no one can say anything else, I am an honest, upright man “I complied,” he said.

Daddy Yankee joins Christian reggaeton

Daddy Yankee decided to give his life to Christ and since then the renowned artist has returned to music with Christian reggaeton songs, as well as other artists who chose this path of faith. So far, the ‘Big Boss’ has released ‘Loveo’ and ‘Blood Donor’, two songs that are being a success.