Miriam Cruz, the ‘Diva of Merengue’ returned to Peru and wants to record with Daniela Darcourt. (Photo: social networks)

The famous Dominican singer returned to the country after 12 years to once again captivate her Peruvian fans with her best hits.

The famous Dominican singer Miriam Cruz He returned to Peru after 12 years as a star figure of ‘Vive el merengue tour’ that will take place in Lima, Iquitos and Ica, happy to meet again with the Peruvian public that has followed his career since he began as lead vocalist of the legendary group ‘Las Girls of the Can’.

“What gives you permanence is trying to do something new every day. If I limited myself to living off my repertoire, it wouldn’t be the same. Every year I make a production that allows me to renew the themes and thereby conquer a new audience and win back those who listened to me when I started in music,” confessed the Dominican who never tires of making history and remaining current, in her 38 years. unstoppable career in music in his first meeting with the Peruvian press.

“I think it has been a successful career despite the changes and difficult times. I thank the public that has supported me for that, I thank God. Thank you Peru for receiving me, I am happy to be with you again,” said Miriam Cruz, known worldwide as ‘Juana La Cubana’.

(Photo: social networks)

Miriam Cruz wants to collaborate with Daniela Darcourt

“From Peru I missed the affection of the public, I always say that God’s times are perfect. I do want to sing with Peruvian artists. Thanks to my record label I recorded with Eva Ayllón and I would love to with Daniela Darcourt. We have not met yet, but I am here in Lima and I want to stay more days than I had planned,” he concluded.

Miriam Cruz, the merengue diva, returns to Peru with her songs from yesterday, today and always, among which stand out: ‘La Loba’, ‘Ta´ Pillao’, ‘Fuego’, ‘Juana, la cubana’, ‘El negro no can’, ‘Es Cosa de Él’, among many other hits in 4 unmissable shows on ‘Vive el Merengue Tour!’ to be held in Lima, Iquitos and Ica, together with the merengue idol Juan Manuel La Línea and the Son de Guerra orchestra, thanks to New Star Musik.

Live the Merengue Tour! with Miriam Cruz

  • Friday the 28th: ​​Barranco Convention Center, Lima.
  • Saturday 29: Heaven Nightclub, Ica.

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