Daniela Darcourt knows details of the collaborations on her album ‘Renacer’. Photo: Diffusion

This new album with duets that take her closer and closer to her goal of consolidating herself as the most important female voice in salsa today.

Daniela Darcourt He premiered his most recent musical production on May 24 ‘Be reborn’ on all digital platforms. An album that contains 7 songs and each of them with a special collaboration that were recorded and produced between Miami and Peru.

‘Reborn’ is a starting over in your career. Through each song she invites us to learn a little more about her, her creativity and her involvement in each stage of the process of creating this album. From composition to production, Daniela has been part of what would become the most important album of her career to date.


1. ‘It feels good’ with Motiff

Composed by Arbisse “Motiff” Gonzalez; Beatriz “Bea” Cesar; Angel “Pututi” Arce and Daniela Darcourt, produced in Miami, this was the first single from the album. Motiff is a multi-award-winning music producer of Venezuelan origin who is behind great hits such as “La Gozadera” by Gente de Zona, “Me voy enamorando” by Chino and Nacho, “Ni tú ni yo” by Jennifer López, in addition to having collaborated with Pitbull and Gloria Estefan.

2. ‘I love you’ with Noel Schajris

Composed by Noel Schajris and produced by Daniela Darcourt and Julio Guillermo, her pianist in the orchestra, this was the second single, a song that reflects the complicity and affection of the friendship between Daniela and Noel. Noel Schajris is a well-known singer and composer, he is part of the duo Sin Bandera, and has been noted for composing several of their songs and for other artists such as Alejandro Fernandez, Reik, Victor Manuelle, Paulina Rubio, Diego Torres, Danna Paola among others.

(Photo: Diffusion)

3. ‘Even if it’s in another life’ with Tito Nieves

Composed by Daniel D’Lizanka, Poncho Arocha and produced by Ramon Sanchez, it is a song that was initially released exclusively by Amazon Music Originals; Tito could not be missing from an album of collaborations of “the most she sings” as he calls it. Tito Nieves is like a father to Daniela and the unconditional support from him and his wife Janette for Daniela’s career is evident year after year with collaborations like this one.


4. ‘The last song’ with Lenier

Made of Daniela Darcourt, Lennier Mesa, Daniel “Pipo” Salas, Arbise “Motiff” Gonzalez and produced by Motiff, this song is the third single released along with the album. A heartbreaking but love song, that makes your skin crawl due to the extremely high quality of interpretation of both. This is a song to sing at the top of your lungs anywhere. Lenier is a Cuban composer and musician, winner of a Latin Grammy Award in 2022, he has collaborated with artists such as Pitbull, Tito el Bambino, Yandel, Jowell & Randy and has just participated as main composer on Marc Anthony’s most recent album.

5. ‘My love’ with Grettel

Composed by Grettel Garibaldi and produced by Motiff, Daniela shares this song with a great friend and pen partner of several songs also released on previous albums. Grettel is a prominent Panamanian composer, her work has been recognized both nationally and internationally, and she has collaborated with several renowned artists and groups in the world of contemporary music.


6. ‘She’s just a friend’ with Álvaro Rod

Composed by Álvaro Rod and produced by Motiff, this collaboration is the one that represents Peru within this album. Daniela and Álvaro come together to interpret a story of confrontation and heartbreak. Alvaro is a Peruvian salsa singer-songwriter, and a regular on the radio waves in Peru; He has collaborated as a composer for Peruvian singers Cielo Torres, Kate Candela, Alex Matos, Amy Gutiérrez and orchestras such as Zaperoko and Bembé.

7. ‘Every time I see you’ with Norberto Vélez

Composed by Norberto Vélez and produced by Motiff, Norberto is one of the most important exponents of current salsa. In addition to being the creator of the program “Sesiones desde La Loma” on YouTube, where artists such as Gilberto Santa Rosa, Victor Manuelle, Andy Montañez, Maelo Ruiz, Luisito Carrion, Johnny Rivera among others have participated.

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