The sister of Paisa artist Karol G, Verónica Giraldo, caused a stir on social networks, as she announced in a video that she suffers from an autoimmune disease that has no cure. The content creator explained that when she was hospitalized for health problems due to a traffic accident at the end of 2023, doctors found symptoms of reactive arthritis in her body.

In the video published on his Instagram account, Giraldo shared with his more than one million followers the way he deals with this disease. The influencer explained her daily battle and the treatments she receives to reduce the effects of this condition.

“It is an inflammation in the joints and in the entire muscular bone part. I wanted to show you with this video my entire process, which has been hard, but it has also been very nice because I met people I hadn’t seen in a long time,” he said.

In the publication, Bichota’s sister stated that her intention is to “summarize in a video what I am going through right now, a disease that will accompany me for a lifetime, an autoimmune disease, a disease that has no cure.”

Giraldo also mentioned that the process is not easy. However, he took it calmly because he feels that he managed to reconnect with people who walked away from his life. Furthermore, according to her, this experience means a new challenge to take on in her life and that with the appropriate treatment she can lead her life normally. ”I am starting the treatment that I am learning to love, since it challenges me every day, but also fills me with joy,” she added.