This Wednesday, June 12, Cazzudio made his first statements in the midst of the love affair between Christian Nodal and Ángela Aguilar. The famous “Nena Trampa” spoke a little about how the scandal touched her life and her trial with her little daughter.

“It is overwhelming to be in the news everywhere for something like this. “I always tried to avoid this side of such ruthless media exposure and today to experience it in this great dimension without having done anything to have so much attention and for my name to spread everywhere, it is an immense shame,” he began to write in his stories. from Instagram.

“But I take responsibility for my choices and also for what I have no control over. That’s why I give you these words. I feel the need to let you know that I am fine, going through the best way possible. “I choose to get away from the networks a little to detoxify and focus on my baby, which is my priority, and on my work while everything calms down out there,” she explained.

“Life is not totally beautiful or totally horrible, nor are people completely 100% good or bad, there are always grays and nuances but the important thing is to breathe and resist with love the necessary processes and learn. Thank you for the concern of so many,” she added.

“Now let’s turn the page, live and let live,” the rapper concluded and later published a photograph of her holding her little daughter, who looks smiling.

The production of the program ‘Hoy Día’, released the romantic video that contradicts the date of separation of Christian Nodal and Cazzu, since in the images you can see the Argentine rapper very affectionate with the Mexican singer.

In the video that was recorded on May 8, Cazzu was sending a message of love to Nodal for his first Father’s Day, so the clip was going to air during June.

However, the confirmation of the love affair between Nodal and Ángela Aguilar led the production to release the video, since it also proves that the version of the love between the new couple is false.

Let us remember that a few days ago Christian Nodal assured that he had already been separated from Cazzu for three months, a version that did not convince some of his fans either, since last March he was traveling with his daughter’s mother in Europe.