Featherweight became the center of attention during the Grammy Awards pre-gala, not only for his outstanding presence, but also for the new design of his smile that generated controversy on social networks.

Accustomed to taking care of every detail of his image, the renowned Mexican singer of corridos tumbados decided to give a bold twist to his teeth. This is not the first time that the artist has invested in his smile; Previously, he had already undergone an expensive design to achieve brighter teeth encrusted with white and red diamonds.

On this occasion, the 24-year-old singer opted for a more extravagant design by showing off gold teeth for the important music event. However, the reaction on social networks was not what was expected, and Internet users were quick to express their disapproval, calling the change “bad taste.”Online mockery

The criticism was immediate, and social media users did not hesitate to point out that Peso Pluma looked “toothless” with his new teeth. Although some defended the style, arguing that it was an urban expression, the majority questioned the singer’s choice.

Despite the criticism, the “She Dances Solo” singer appeared with his current partner, Nicki Nicole, at the event.

Not only the Mexican artist surprised with his new look; The beautiful 23-year-old Argentine also joined her transformation by changing her characteristic black hair for a brown tone and showing tanned skin.


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