Featherweight – 24 years old – warned women not to even fall in love with him and revealed his romantic situation.

Featherweight has unleashed several rumors about a romantic relationship with the singer Anitta, this after her performance at Coachella 2024.

However, the singer himself revealed if he is already in the ideal moment to fall in love again, after his controversial breakup with Nicki Nicole.

Will Featherweight give himself a new chance at love? This is what he stated

After his breakup with Nicki Nicole, Peso Pluma has been seen very close to Anitta, sparking rumors of a possible courtship.

Peso Pluma has focused fully on his artistic career, performing at various music festivals, and many have wondered about his current sentimental situation.

The singer recently revealed if he is ready to give himself another chance at love, after his breakup with Nicki Nicole in February 2024. It was in an interview with the radio station La Mejor FM that Peso Pluma was able to talk about his life loving

It all started when he was questioned about how he likes women, to which the corridos tumbados singer assured that “all ladies.”

However, he commented that he would not be ready to start a romantic relationship; For this reason, the announcer asked all of his fans not to approach him.

Featherweight stopped the announcer in his tracks and asked for the opposite, but with only one condition: That his fans “do not fall in love.”

“No, no, no, yes, let them (women) come closer, but just don’t fall in love.”

Peso Pluma would have made it clear that he is not ready for a romance, since for now he wants to enjoy this new stage focused on his musical career.