Puerto Rican singer Ozuna has shocked the entertainment world with the news of his conversion to Christianity and his intention to use his musical talent to evangelize.

In a recent interview on the Univision program ‘Despierta América’, Ozuna revealed that he has felt a call from God to dedicate his life to faith and share his message with the world.

“This is the purpose of each of the children of God,” stated the artist. “God put us here to fulfill a purpose, to supply him with some purpose to fulfill him. Daddy Yankee already fulfilled it, Farruko. I will soon be fulfilling it too.”

Ozuna joins Daddy Yankee

Ozuna’s statements have generated mixed reactions among his fans. Some have expressed their support and joy at the possibility of the artist sharing his faith with the world through his music.

Others, however, have been more cautious, waiting to see how this new stage in the singer’s life develops.

Ozuna musical career

Only time will tell how Ozuna’s conversion will materialize and how it will impact his musical career.

What is clear is that the artist continues to be one of the most important references of the urban genre worldwide, and his talent and charisma have made him a figure admired by millions of people.