Daniela Darcourt and her withering response to Sergio George. Photo: Capture América TV

The Peruvian salsa singer Daniela Darcourt did not remain silent and responded with everything to Sergio George for minimizing Peruvian artists.

Following Sergio George’s statements on the podcast Yahaira Plasencia where he would have hinted that Daniela Darcourt paid to increase the views of her songs on YouTube, the interpreter of ‘Mr Lie’ decided to respond with everything this Saturday, June 22, on the program ‘El Reventonazo de la Chola’.

From the beginning, Daniela explained that she took a while to respond to the words of Sergio George because she prefers to stay away from the world of entertainment. “I think everyone knows that I have never been involved in scandals. I have never liked to make statements or say anything that does not reflect who I really am as a person. My name is Daniela Darcourt“I’m not just a character,” said the salsa singer.


Daniela Darcourt and her forceful response to Sergio George

The talented Peruvian singer reiterated that it was Sergio George who picked up the phone and called her to propose many work things. Although she recognized that the music producer He has a long career and no one can take away his credit, Daniela Darcourt He had no qualms about questioning him harshly.

“I feel that a lot of importance has been given to a person who, in each interview, The only thing he has done is minimize the work of all young people or talents of a country. That bothers me,” was the forceful response from the La Victoria salsa singer.

(Source: América TV)


Daniela Darcourt clarifies that she has no problems with Yahaira Plasencia

In addition, Daniela Darcourt He considered that Sergio George would be using Yahaira Plasencia to gain relevance in the country to earn headlines. “If you are going to come and give a chance to someone who you say deserves it, give it to them from the bottom of your heart. Don’t make that person, on whom you are supposedly betting everything good you have done in your career, use them to gain headlines, or to destroy them and then build them up again,” he indicated.

In Ernesto Pimental’s program, Daniela Darcourt He also clarified that he does not have any resentment towards his partner Yahaira Plasencia because he does not believe that he interviewed Sergio George with the intention of harming her. In addition, she highlighted that people do not know why they do not disclose it, but both have shared together at social events.

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