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The soul thumping sounds of “Awa” are superbly sculptured with progressive soul progressions, melodic soulful keys and chords and exquisite studio engineering. Another timeless Ralf GUM masterpiece that deserves its rightful place in our collection of Soulful House sounds. Foliage Records are excited to welcome the esteemed Ralf GUM forContinue Reading

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The soulful breeze can be delightfully felt as we listen and transit through the therapeutic and harmonic sounds featured on “Ocean View.” The legendary Lulo Cafe complies and creates an exquisite ensemble of lounge, soul and deep soundtracks that gravitates us towards a fine musical Cloud IX. Ocean View isContinue Reading

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GOGO Music is thrilled to present “Happy Ending,” a remarkable single collaboration between House Music pioneer Ralf GUM and award-winning US House and R&B vocalist Donald Sheffey. This inspired track strikes a perfect balance, offering uplifting melodies with profound depth. Since making his mark on the House Music scene inContinue Reading

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Welcome back aboard to another engaging experience of Gospel and House Music amalgamating to produce sounds that lead us into praise and worship. The immaculate sounds engineered on Gospel House Grooves (Vol.2) deserve true support and musical appreciation!!!! This album deserves to be appreciated by listening to Track 1 toContinue Reading

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Welcome aboard a soulfully track that caresses our need for sublime sounds sculptured with jazzy melodic keys, soul penetrating percussions and heavenly echoes and rhythms that transcend us to a musical utopia. Dave Tempo & TheBang combine musical forces and deliver a jazzy soulful masterpiece that deserves a special placeContinue Reading

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A Soulful House banger that allows us as Deep House Heads and music lovers to be taken on a musical ride. Like You is perfected with everything and more with regards scintillating sound engineering hence this Last Forever Records masterpiece deserves high rotation when we play music. Turbojazz teams upContinue Reading

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Oh God, let’s brace ourselves for more magical masterpieces manufactured from the musical Maczito, hence this 2024 EP released by Sculptured Records deserves real appreciation and true support. 2023 proved to be a breakthrough year for the super-talented South African House Music practitioner as the recognition and appreciation from Dancefloors,Continue Reading

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Mental, physical and emotional health are important to living a purposeful and fulfilling life. How many times do we take time to care for yourselves? How many times do we take time out of our busy lives to retreat and heal? If we ask ourselves these questions and be honestContinue Reading

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There was once upon a time when a House Music masterpiece was released that was sculptured to allow us to experience and explore sounds that exceed a Light Saber. It’s time to become musical lovers of sounds created by this great talent called WAPO Jije. As Deep House Heads andContinue Reading