Welcome aboard a soulfully track that caresses our need for sublime sounds sculptured with jazzy melodic keys, soul penetrating percussions and heavenly echoes and rhythms that transcend us to a musical utopia.

Dave Tempo & TheBang combine musical forces and deliver a jazzy soulful masterpiece that deserves a special place in our collection of Soulful House music

Introducing TheBang, a born-and-bred maestro of music hailing from the pulsating heart of Soweto, South Africa. From his earliest days, he’s been spinning tunes behind the DJ decks, effortlessly enchanting crowds with his magnetic presence.

Immersed in Soweto’s vibrant musical tapestry, TheBang has collaborated with industry giants, honing his craft and elevating his artistry to new heights. His hunger for innovation and exploration knows no bounds, making every performance an exhilarating journey into the heart of music’s soul.

With a life dedicated to rhythm, TheBang is not just a DJ; he’s a storyteller, a provocateur of sound, and a master of the unforgettable. Join him on his musical odyssey, where each beat is a promise of an extraordinary adventure.