WR AJK 199

Saturday’s here, and so is Weekend Reading 199! All together now: this weekend, the Beat Elite will be holing up in Stately Beat Manor and getting lost in a good book. What will you be paging through? Be sure and let us know in the comment section, or over atContinue Reading


ABLAZE is prepping for the April 9th ​​release of Shepherdess Warriors, “the odyssey of a young heroine living great adventures in a medieval-fantasy universe inspired by Celtic legends. It’s akin to How To Train Your Dragon meets Wolfwalkers. An endearing tale, suitable for most all ages, it features warm, charmingContinue Reading

Cobra Commander 3 page 01 669x1028

As seen in the pages of Cobra Commander from writer Joshua Williamson and Andrea Milana, the Dreadnoks have arrived including Ripper, Buzzer, and of course Zarana. Skybound has released a preview of Cobra Commander #3 available March 20, 2024. Cobra Commander #3 Cover A by Andrea Milani & Annalisa LeoniContinue Reading