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6 hours ago By Nick Thorpe, Central Europe corresponding BBC Mihai Kogalniceanu (MK) is turning into the biggest Nato airbase in Europe Six RAF Eurofighter Typhoons sit on the taxiway, engines roaring on two, as the ground staff hurry about, adding the finishing touches before take-off. In the distance, aContinue Reading

“The population has been almost entirely disposed of the means and capacities to ensure food security, shelter, health, and livelihood,” said Maryse Guimond, UN Women‘s Special Representative for the Occupied Palestinian Territory. “Women were asking me, ‘When can we go back to our homes?’ Each displacement has brought more lossContinue Reading

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4 hours ago By Rachel Looker, BBC News, Washington Getty Images The Canadian actor Donald Sutherland, star of films including The Hunger Games and Don’t Look Now, has died at 88 after a long illness. His son, the actor Kiefer Sutherland, said: “With a heavy heart, I tell you thatContinue Reading

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Israel Antiquities Authority Two of the ancient amphorae found on the sea bed Cargo from the remains of the oldest shipwreck to be found in the deep sea has been discovered in the eastern Mediterranean, Israeli archaeologists have said. Hundreds of intact amphorae – ancient storage jars – believed toContinue Reading


According to official information published by the channel Ecuavisabetween 2023 and so far in 2024, 66,089 Chinese citizens entered Ecuador and 34,209 left. Almost half, 32,000, did not register their departure through regular steps. LOOK: What does Biden’s plan consist of to regularize more than 500,000 undocumented migrants? In 2022,Continue Reading