Salvadoran president and candidate for re-election, said on Sunday that has offered to the Argentine Government collaboration on security issuesalthough he considered that said country does not need measures “as drastic” as those applied in .

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We have officially offered to the Minister (of Security) (Patricia) Bullrich, not advice, but the collaboration that they need on all security issues“said the president in a meeting with the media held a few minutes after the closing of the polling stations.

He maintained, to questions from the press, that “since the problem is smaller, maybe the medicine can be smaller too”.

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Argentina’s security problem, which exists, is perhaps not as pressing as it was in El Salvador and, therefore, the measures that can be shared by us so that they can be applied in Argentina would not have to be so drastic, because they do not need to solve such a big problem.”he added.

The main security measure of the Bukele Government against gangs in El Salvador is an exceptional regimeeffective since March 2022 and which suspends constitutional guarantees.

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This measure, widely supported by the population in surveys, allows the Police to arrest anyone without an arrest warrant and keep her in detention for at least 15 days before being brought before a court.

This regime, extended 22 times in Congress for periods of 30 days, It also suspends the right to defense of detainees and the inviolability of telecommunications.

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Humanitarian organizations have received more than 6,000 reports of abusesincluding arbitrary arrests, warrantless searches, deaths in prisons and torture.

The emergency regime has left more than 76,000 arrests.

To this regime, Bukele’s main bet in his re-election campaign, The authorities attribute a homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants of 2.4.

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In 2015, El Salvador became the most violent country in the world with a rate of 103 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants.the same that began to be reduced in 2016 until completing 8 years, with the Bukele Administration being the ones in which it was most accentuated.


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