In a but in 1857, a new Constitution was promulgated in Mexico after the dictatorship of General Santa Anna.


1782.- The English troops who had taken over the Menorca island They surrender before the attack of the Spanish-French Army.

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1852.- Inaugurated on L’Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg.

1867.- Leaves Mexico the French expeditionary force, leaving the Emperor Maximilian without the military support that sustained him.

1915.- Pancho Villa assumes full military and civil powers in Mexico.

1917.- Promulgated in Santiago de Queretaro (Mexico) the Constitution of the United Mexican States.

1936.- Premiere in NY the movie “Modern times“, of Charles Chaplin.

1939.- Leaders such as the president of the Spanish Republic go into exile, Manuel Azañathe president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Lluis Companys or the president of the Basque Autonomous Government, Jose Antonio Aguirre.

1954.- In IndoChinahe Vietnam National Liberation Front (Vietnam) near Dien Bien Phuin the north of Vietnam.

1958.- Gamal Habdel Nasser He is named first president of the newly created United Arab Republicformed by Syria and Egypt and it only lasted three years.

1960.- Inaugurated in Meyrin, Genevathe oldest particle accelerator of the world.

1967.- Chilean singer dies Violeta Parraa reference for the country’s popular music.

1971.- American astronauts Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell they perch on the Moon with the moduleAntares”. The third member of the crew, the astronaut Stuart A. Roosaremains orbiting the Moon in the command module.

1983.- Klaus Barbieofficer of the H.H and of the Gestapo during the Nazismknown as “the butcher of Lyon“, is detained in Bolivia and extradited to Francewhere he entered prison.

1989.- The overthrown dictator of Paraguay Alfredo Stroessner He leaves his country and takes refuge in Brazil.

1997.- The stock firms Morgan Stanley and Dean Witter They agree to merge, thus forming Morgan Stanleythe largest securities company in Wall Street.

2002.- He Italian Senate approves the return to the country of the Savoydescendants of the last King of the country, Umberto IIthus ending 55 years of “exile” of the royal family.

2006.- In Costa Rica, Oscar Arias wins, by a narrow margin, the presidential elections.

2007.- In Spaincardiologists Gregorio Marañón Hospitalof Madridimplemented for the first time in the world, mother cells adults in the heart from your abdominal fat.

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2012.- In Finland, Sauli Niinisto He wins the elections that make him the first conservative president since 1956 and puts an end to three decades of social democratic hegemony at the head of the Nordic State.

2014.- It is published “Footlight“, the only novel by Charles Chaplinwhich inspired the film “Footlights”.

2018.- USA begins the gradual withdrawal of its troops in Iraqafter the announcement of the end of the war against Islamic State (EI).

2019.- The National Assembly (Parliament) of Venezuela approves the Statute Law that governs the Transition to Democracy and the Restoration of the Constitution.

2020.- In USAthe Senate acquits the president donald trump in it “impeachment”, the political trial against him for pressures Ukraine. Is the third “impeachment” of a president in the history of the country, after those of Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998.

2022.- Died in Mexico Ruben Fuentescomposer of famous songs like “The bikina” and “The Son of the black”.

2023.- American singer Beyonce becomes the artist with the most Grammys in history by reaching 32 gramophones.


1878.- Andre CitroenFrench engineer, creator of the automobile brand of his name.

1919.- Andreas PapandreouGreek politician.

1933.- Miguel D’EscotoNicaraguan politician.

1939.- Miguel BoyerSpanish economist.

1946.- Charlotte RamplingAmerican actress.

1972.- Mary Elisabeth Donaldsonwife of Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark.

1985.- Cristiano RonaldoPortuguese footballer.

1992.- Neymar da Silva Santos JúniorBrazilian football player.


1937.- Lou Andreas-SalomeRussian writer.

1991.- Pedro Arrupe GondraSpanish Jesuit, former priest of the Company.

1993.- Joseph L. MankiewiczAmerican filmmaker.

nineteen ninety six.- Antonio Ruiz SolerAnthony”, Spanish dancer.

1998.- Helene ParmelinFrench writer.

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2020.- Kirk KouglasAmerican actor.

2021.- Arthur Christopher Orme PlummerChristopher Plummer”, Canadian actor.

2023.- Pervez Musharrafformer Pakistani military dictator.


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