Taking a good photo sometimes becomes the greatest of adventures and makes us rethink many things about our outfit. Have you never worn pants in case you didn’t like how they looked in images? This is what Hannah Montana taught us, who always went everywhere with her wig and her platforms because a diva is born, she is not made. And in this way, and having the best ‘look’ to leave a beautiful ‘feed’ on our Instagram account, it is time to take the best pose. Kim Kardashian, for example, is clear about her ‘kisses’ and shows it every time she shares a ‘selfie’.

The ‘pout’, the ‘face card’ or always leaving smiling are some of the keys that help us see ourselves as well as we do in the mirror before leaving the house. However, there are some celebrities who prefer to go for naturalness and give free rein to their imagination with photos that we did not expect to see, as happens with some rappers like Doja Cat or other more pop ones like Billie Eilish or Dua Lipa, who left us laughing as much as possible. with a video at the Golden Globes trying to sit in the chair with a dress signed by Schiaparelli who did not have the same opinion.

Another ‘celeb’ who always gives us new options to take very ‘cool’ photos that are different from the others is Rosalía. And there is one who broke up with everything and announced to us, without us knowing until weeks later, that she had broken up with her ex-fiancee and ex-boyfriend Rauw Alejandro. The reason is that she appears crying and we didn’t know if it was a ‘performance’ or just a bad day. In the end it ended up being the last thing.

Weeks later we found out about their breakup and we already found meaning in it. And taking all that into account, now a creator of works of art in poster format has managed to make the photo we are telling you about of the motomami a ‘masterpiece’. And the price at which he sells it has gone viral among her fans and there are those who consider it ‘low’.

190 euros is the price at which Carlota Guerrero and Mariona Valdés, co-founders of this project called Penélope Archive, have put this type of high-quality content on sale. We are very fans! I’m sure you have received many requests for this photo, which is so important in the life of the ‘motomami’.


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