Dread it, run from it… Destiny arrives all the same. No matter where you turn on the Internet or in fandoms, you’re bound to run into Blue Archive at one point or another. From fanart, to images, memes, and in my fan experience recoloring Halo weapons ported over to the Source Engine to have the color scheme of their favorite characters or weapons. You just cannot escape it, but you also cannot deny the reach such as this IP has.

Blue Archive is a popular mobile game from NEXONwho are known for their hit titles such as Vindictus, Maple Story, and even Counter-Strike NEXON: Studio. This is a tactical Role Playing Game which features tactical combat and a large roster of playable characters with unique and eye-catching designs. The goal of the game is to step into the role of Sensei and recruit skilled students to take on the looming threat over the academy-like city of Kivotos.

gotta appreciate the dedication fans have to even make Blue Archive skins for my old Left 4 Dead 2 mods. Like this Tendou Alice themed skin by Tomas Horvath.

With how massive NEXON’s mobile game is, it comes as no surprise it would go on to even have its own anime series which aired earlier in 2024. Which brings us to this year’s Anime Expowhere the game’s directors revealed that the highly anticipated summer update for the game will continue the anime’s story, while acting as a welcoming mat for new players and bringing in tons of buffs for newcomers and the hardcore Blue Archive veterans alike.

Screenshot from Blue Archive showing the isometric gameplay and shooting mechanicsScreenshot from Blue Archive showing the isometric gameplay and shooting mechanics

During the Anime Expo panel, the director’s revealed that with the upcoming summer update slated to drop on Tuesday, July 23rd, players will be able to look forward to new content including:

  • 5th PV reveal – Which will show new hints of new stories and characters to come in the future of Blue Archive.
  • 100 Free Recruitments – Starting on Tuesday, July 23rd, players will be given the opportunity to earn 100 recruitments for one week. Allowing new players to have the perfect opportunity to jump into Blue Archive.
  • Makoto and Ako (Dress) – The Fresh recruits Makoto and Ako (Dress) will be added to Blue Archive on July 23rd
  • New Student Hina (Dress) – Players can obtain the dress variant of the popular student Hina via free recruitment opportunity on July 30th. During Fes Recruitment,
    the chance of recruiting 3-star students also becomes twice as high!
Blue Archive's Summer Update artwork featuring 4 girls playing music on the rooftop of a school.Blue Archive's Summer Update artwork featuring 4 girls playing music on the rooftop of a school.
Kurimura Airi (left), Kazusa (center left), Ibaragi Yoshimi (right), and Natsu (center back) perform together as a band on the rooftop.

During the panel, fans were also given a Behind-the-scenes look into the Tactical RPG. From how the developers came to create the game’s distinct art, music style, and even the official special PVs. The Game’s director also shared his thoughts on the Blue Archive Anime series.

“It is the fans’ contagious excitement and unwavering support that fuels our drive to create
more immersive and engaging experiences,” he said. Blue Archive Lead Director Kim Yongha.
“Thank you for joining us at Anime Expo, for your incredible support of Blue Archive in North America and for being such an integral part of our journey. We look forward to continuing this adventure together.”

Another screenshot from Blue Archive of a character looking at her smartphoneAnother screenshot from Blue Archive of a character looking at her smartphone

Also at Anime Expo, attendees can step into the game’s world with a themed photo area with colorful display hosts. Attendees can also play some hands-on mini-game experiences and earn themed prizes!

If Blue Archive sounds like the game for you to play, you can download it right now from Google Play, The App Store and even Galaxy Store for FREE! Have fun and have a wonderful time at Anime Expo if you’re currently attending.

Feel free to check out Blue Archive The Animation which you can watch on the official YouTube channel.

For more information, you can check out their official website, forumsor even join the official discord server to hang out with fellow fans both old and new.

Feel free to follow Blue Archive on X/Twitter or on Facebook for news on everything related to the hit video game series and more!

As always, until next time my adorable birb nerds!