During Anime Expo on Friday, Square Enix Manga & Books took to the convention to unveil its newest slate of titles for Spring 2025. The slate is joined by The Apothecary Diaries Art Book and the FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Poster Collectionwhich were also
announced for release sometime in 2025. The manga and artbook slate is featured below.

The Otaku Love Connection, Vol. 1 (English Edition – February 2025)
by Chu Amairo

The Otaku Love Connection 01_DraftCover
The Otaku Love Connection Cover

A hilarious slice-of-life rom-com about one high school’s gorgeous power couple and the romance otaku who stan them! Life has its simple joys, and for geeky fanboy Wataru Otonari, he’s admiring his gorgeous classmate Yuzuru Kakoi and her equally gorgeous boyfriend, Chihiro Kawai. As Wataru encounters other students who stan his favs just as much as he does, every day he turns into a rollercoaster of emotions for this obliviously beautiful boy’s failure!

Wash It All Away, Vol. 1 (English Edition – February 2025)
by Mitsuru Hattori

Wash It All Away 01_DraftCover
Wash It All Away Cover

With an endearing protagonist and luscious art, this seaside slice-of-life story offers tranquility in the chaos of the modern world. For two years, Wakana Kinme has run a laundry service in the seaside resort town of Atami, where she’s built a fulfilling life making friends with the locals and visiting hot springs. Although Wakana has no knowledge of her own past, her cleaning services safeguard memories imbued in customers’ precious items.

The Emperor’s Caretaker, Vol. 1 (English Edition – March 2025)
by Ichiha Hiragi, Aya Shouto and Haruki Yoshimura

The Emperor's Caretaker CoverThe Emperor's Caretaker Cover
The Emperor’s Caretaker Cover

A statesman’s daughter finds herself swept into the world of palace intrigue when she’s chosen to be a court lady in this richly illustrated period fantasy! Linhua, daughter of the Chancellor of the Right, is as gifted with caring for children as she is at playing the ehru. Her talents catch the eye of Souren, the highest-ranking regent, and suddenly Linhua is swept into the vibrant world of the inner palace as a new court lady—and the young emperor’s personal caretaker!

Assassin & Cinderella Vol. 1 (English Edition)
by Yuzo Natsuno

Assassin & Cinderella 01_DraftCoverAssassin & Cinderella 01_DraftCover
Assassin & Cinderella Cover

A sexy spy and an elite assassin enter the world’s sweetest, deadliest marriage of convenience! Neneko is a spy blessed with catlike charms. Her mission? Seduce the ace assassin of a rival organization and expose its weaknesses. The problem? She’s blown her cover before learning a thing! But rather than dispose of her, the target makes an indecent proposal: to marry him, since he cannot keep his hands off her body!

The God-Slaying Demon King, Vol. 1 (English Edition – April 2025)
by Ezogingitune, PIG3RD and TEDDY

The God-Slaying Demon King 01_DraftCoverThe God-Slaying Demon King 01_DraftCover
The God-Slaying Demon King 01_Cover

The strongest demon king in history returns from the dead and embarks on a grand adventure to find the god of all demons…and kill him! When demon king Hiram defied the demon god, resulting in divine punishment, he cast a spell that would reincarnate him years later with all his powers intact. With his life restored, Hiram begins a grand adventure to find the demon god and kill him once and for all!

On and Off: Work-Life Imbalance, Vol. 1 (English Edition – May 2025)
by Shinnosuke Kanazawa

On and Off Work-Life Imbalance 01_DraftCoverOn and Off Work-Life Imbalance 01_DraftCover
On and Off Work-Life Imbalance 01_Cover

A lolita boy and a punk girl form a fashion-forward bond without realizing they already know each other’s work! Outside the office, coworkers Sotaro Amata and Akira Hanku don outfits that metamorphose them into completely different people. So what happens when they form a connection after hours…without recognizing who the other person is?

Love in the Palm of His Hand, Vol. 1 (English Edition – May 2025)
by Rinteku

Love in the Palm of His Hand 01_DraftCoverLove in the Palm of His Hand 01_DraftCover
Love in the Palm of His Hand 01_Cover

Through sign language and acting, two young men seeking their places in the world discover a connection that transcends the spoken word. Fujinaga is a university student who dreams of becoming an actor. When he meets Keito, a fellow student with congenital hearing loss, he’s introduced to the world of sign language. In a place beyond verbal limitations, can two people yearning to be understood forge a bond they never expected?

The Apothecary Diaries Art Book (English Edition)


Experience all the gorgeous art from the first fourteen volumes of the best-selling The Apothecary Diaries light novel series, which inspired the hit manga and anime! This jacketed, hardcover volume includes more than 300 lavish pieces of art from light novel illustrator Touko Shino, as well as previously unpublished character designs, promotional and exclusive art, and an interview with the artist.