In March 2021, Karol G ended her relationship with Anuel AA. Although time has passed and the Colombian artist has already closed that chapter of her life, the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer continues to send hints to Bichota’s new love, Feid.

In a recent interview, Salomón Villada, also known as Ferxxo, was questioned by Young Miko about the best trap of all time and the Colombian’s response was not to the liking of the Mejor Que Yo interpreter and, once again, he took to social media to publish a controversial message.

The paisa considers the musical theme Diles, by Bad Bunny, Ozuna, Arcángel and Ñengo Flow, to be the best trap song, and the young Puerto Rican agreed. Carolina’s ex was originally going to participate in this collaboration, but it was finally decided that Conejo malo would contribute to the popularity of the single, replacing the Sola interpreter with Benito.

For this reason, Feid’s response unleashed Anuel’s fury and led him to speak out in an Instagram post where he assured that his hit Razones is the most notable song in this genre.

“Razones is #1 on Apple Music, debuted #7 Global on Spotify and #1 on YouTube. Your wife loves me, worry about that and not about lying about what the best trap of all time is, your opinion is worthless to us, a guy with that merengue player mustache. Your opinion is not going to confuse anyone. The video in the last slide of the post has one of the best trap songs of all time, most of which are mine, my boy,” wrote the Puerto Rican.

But the dispute didn’t end there and Anuel took advantage of the opportunity and the attention that this forceful statement would have to go against Bad Bunny as well. “The occasion is also another one of my songs of all those that are a million times more badass than Diles, ask Bad who sang it when I was in prison to fuck his parties shouting FreeAnuel and we didn’t even know each other, but from the moment I got out of prison, the love for me ended,” he lashed out.