Honesty and authenticity are two characteristics of Brazilian singer Anitta, who speaks her mind without beating around the bush, even when it comes to herself. Proof of this are the statements she made in a recent interview.

The “Bellakeo” singer left everyone speechless when she admitted that her current image is the result of the scalpel and she is proud of how she looks.

The 31-year-old Brazilian was a guest on the program “The Juanpis Live Show” to talk about her career, but she also shared a very personal side where she explained that before fame she had three jobs because her conviction was to improve herself.

“I was born ugly and poor,” she told the interviewer Juanpis González, who immediately contradicted her. However, Anitta made it clear that she was not ashamed to admit it because fortunately, today her reality is different.

The unusual moment was filled with humor and Anitta even improvised a rap about everything she has achieved. At another point in the interview, she talked about the part of her body that she doesn’t like and which she plans to change with another surgery.

It is about his forehead, because he claims that he has a vein that “pops out” and is very noticeable when he expresses a feeling of anger or joy. “I am going to change this, the next time you see me it will not be there,” he assured.