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The Bone Bow is a Light Bow found in Elden Ring‘s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. Although it may not seem particularly exciting at a glance, its Ash of War provides you with homing arrows, making it a fun bow for both PVE and PVP encounters, especially given its low stat requirements make it work with nearly any build.

Here’s what you need to know about the Bone Bow and where to find it.

Bone Bow stats and features

The Bone Bow has a weight of 3.0 and requires the following stats to wield:

The weapon comes equipped with Ash of War: Rancor Shot. This Ash of War essentially grants you homing arrows. It imbues your arrows with vengeful spirits that chase down enemies after you fire them, which could make it especially useful in some PVP situations.

The Bone Bow can be upgraded to +10 with Somber Smithing Stones.

Bone Bow item description

The Bone Bow’s item description reads:

“A crude shortbow fashioned from sickly bone. “A medium for spirit-calling, and a product of the ancient hexing arts of the tower.”

Where to find the Bone Bow

The Bone Bow can be found within the Belurat Tower Settlement legacy dungeon on the western side of Gravesite Plain, making it relatively easy to get early in your adventure.

To get to the Bone Bow, advance through the very beginning of the dungeon until you reach the Small Private Altar Site of Grace. From here, take the door out and up a few flights of stairs until there’s a path leading to the right, next to some rubble.

Take this path to the end, bear left, and then enter the door located in an alcove on the right. Take the ladder up, go through the door ahead, then walk up the stairs here. At the top, go left down another flight of stairs before taking a final right turn. Phew.

A map showing the location of the Bone Bow.

Screenshot: FromSoftware/Kotaku

Straight ahead of you is a door leading into a room with an item very clearly visible in the distance. Be careful—this room is home to a few large scorpion enemies that will drop in when you get close. They go down easily, but can still put some hurt on you if you’re not expecting them. But once they’ve been defeated, you can loot the corpse here for the Bone Bow.