“We are not going to be your lackeys,” said tonight the president of , addressing the Spanish press during a rally on the esplanade in front of the National Palace hours after proclaiming himself the winner of the elections held this Sunday and after the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) will later ratify the president’s overwhelming victory with preliminary partial data.

“We respect your hereditary monarchy, but you are obliged to respect us.”“, proclaimed the Salvadoran ruler before thousands of followers in the first part of his speech, during which he made strong reproaches to the special envoys of the foreign media, especially from Spainbut also at United Nations and the Organization of American States (OAS) as well as the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the human rights activists who have criticized his management.

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“The only thing we ask of you is respect, nothing more”the president insisted in his diatribe against the press and the international community Bukelewho commented that he had expressed his approach to a Spanish special envoy, “but it applies to all countries in the world,” he pointed out.

A Spanish journalist told me, why do they want to dismantle democracy? And I told him: But what democracy are you talking about? Democracy means the power of the people, and if Salvadorans want this, why is a Spanish journalist going to come and tell us what Salvadorans should do?” he continued.

According to Bukelethe concept of democracy The one this journalist told him about was “the one his bosses tell him, back in Spain. But that is not democracy; That would be colony, imperialism, elitism, plutocracy, you can call it whatever you want but it is not called democracy,” he replied.

He Central American president He assured: “El Salvador wants to do trade with everyone, El Salvador wants everyone to come visit us, El Salvador opens its doors wide for citizens from all over the world. We want them to come, visit us, get to know us, we want to be their friends, their allies, their partners… what we are not going to be is their lackeys,” he reiterated.


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