The president of El Salvador, assured this Sunday that his country will be the first in the world to have a “single party” with a “fully democratic system,” after stating that he won re-election with an overwhelming 85% of the votes.

“It would be the first time that a single party exists in a country in a fully democratic system,” he said from the balcony of the National Palace, greeting a cheering crowd.

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Bukeleaccompanied by his wife Gabriela Rodriguezhighlighted that “El Salvador has broken all the records of all the democracies in the world”, thanks to his controversial “war” against the gangs that were terrorizing the country.

“Not only have we won the presidency with more than 85% of the votes, but we have won the Legislative Assembly with at least 58 out of 60 deputies.””, he assured.

“Since democracy has existed, never has a project won with the number of votes we have won this day. “It is literally the highest percentage in all of history,” he stated.

He Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) It still does not give a percentage, but on its Internet page the party of BukeleNuevas Ideas, appears with 1.3 million of a total of 1.6 million valid votes, which gives 83%, after 31.49% of the vote records have been scrutinized.


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