With clubland’s obligations in the rearview,VASSYfloors it down a cathartic highway of self-discovery on her ambitious new album, Supreme.

Eleven to weapon of festival euphoria, VASSY’s voice now unveils its depth and nuance. It whispers confessions at times and unleashes inner-lion belters at others, but consistently warbles with the same unfiltered vulnerability behind the music of her illustrious career.

Gone are the familiar anthemic beats, replaced by a smoldering tapestry of genres—tender ballads that ache, reggaetón slow-burners that simmer and introspective pop that bristles with soul. Meanwhile, the album’s lyricism explores the elusive pursuit of happiness in 2024, a time when disillusionment seems inescapable with each dystopian headline.

VASSY performing on her 2023 Live Nation tour in support of Aqua.

Kelly Knisel

Creative strangulation has become an albatross for many singer-songwriters in the dance music space, but VASSY’s frustration has fueled a fire. Supreme cements her as not just a voice for hire, but as a formidable artist coming into her own through sonic risk-taking and raw self-expression.

“I missed the freedom in the studio to be more versatile and create songs with no pressure to fit a certain format… it’s fun expressing my voice through various genres and styles of music,” VASSY said in a press release. “I find it invigorating. I just wanted to get back to my roots to remind myself where I started musically and how that translated to where I am now in my career.”

You can listen to Supreme below and find the new album on streaming platforms here.

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