announced this Wednesday that he killed a “commander” from the pro-Iran Iraqi militia during a bombing raid in eastern reported the (Centcom, in English).

As indicated by the Centcom in his social network account X, said “commander”, whose name is not specified, was “direct responsable” of planning attacks Kataib Hezbollah against the United States forces deployed in middle East.

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Before the announcement, sources from the Baghdad Police They had informed EFE that at least three people had died this Wednesday in a drone bombing that targeted an all-terrain vehicle where members of pro-Iranian Iraqi militias were traveling.

The Baghdad Police indicated that in the attack they died Baqir al Saadi and Arkan al Alaywimembers of Kataib Hezbollah, as well as another third person, whose identity is not yet known and who supposedly belongs to the movement Al Nujaba.

Both Al Nujaba and Kataib Hezbollah are part of the militia group Popular Crowdintegrated de facto into the Iraqi Armed Forces and whose positions were attacked on February 2 by USA after three US soldiers were killed on January 28 in an attack by these groups in Jordannear the Syrian border.

Both formations are also part of the amalgamation of pro-Iran militias Islamic Resistance in Iraqwhich has launched more than 160 attacks against positions of Washington on Iraqi and Syrian soil since the beginning of the war in Gazahe October 7.

Centcom did not mention the other two people who allegedly died in the bombing, limiting itself to stating that there are “nosigns of collateral damage or civilian casualties at this time”.

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According to Centcom, the attack occurred around 9:30 p.m. local time. Baghdad (18:30 GMT).

It remains to be seen if USA notified the Iraqi Government of the bombing that occurred in its territory. The attack perpetrated by the US on February 2 against the Popular Multitude militias occurred without prior warning, and the Iraqi Executive described it as a violation of its sovereignty.

This new bombing occurs in the midst of Iraq’s negotiations with the United States to establish a schedule for the presence of foreign troops from the Arab country, which could end the international coalition’s mission against the terrorist group. Islamic State (EI) after a decade of operations.


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