Two weeks ago, reggaeton singer Don Omar shocked the public by announcing that he was suffering from cancer. “Today yes, but tomorrow I won’t have cancer,” were the Puerto Rican’s words.

The next day, he gave the good news that he was clean and now it was time to recover, after having undergone an operation to cure the disease that was surely detected in time.

The health center where he was being treated was Orlando Health in Florida, which specializes in different cancers such as liver, bladder, gynecological, head, among others. Finally, it was revealed which one the artist was suffering from.

Don Omar’s tough surgery

In a recent episode of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, host Raúl de Molina gave details of the medical report of William Omar Landrón, as is his real name. In the report, ‘El Gordo’ reported that he received a call from the singer to talk to him about the surgical process he faced.

“Yesterday I had a great joy around 6:15 in the afternoon when I first received a text and 2 minutes later a call, it was Don Omar telling me that he had come out of his operation, an operation that took 4 hours and that he was already feeling well,” said the Cuban.

Raúl also indicated that the singer of “Danza Kuduro” was still under anesthesia, but was aware of everything that had been discussed. “When he spoke, you could still feel the effects of the anesthesia, but the joy I felt was great because he told me ‘they already removed my cancer.’”

What was the cancer that was stalking the Puerto Rican?

According to the host’s statements, Don Omar was diagnosed with kidney cancer, which led De Molina to remember when 20 years ago he suffered the same thing and also had to undergo surgery.

“He told me a minute ago that they removed his kidney and they removed my right kidney, so from here on the show, brother, I send you my best wishes,” he added.

To encourage him, Raúl added: “In 2 weeks you will be perfect, in 4 weeks you will be even better, so I imagine that we will have Don Omar on stage very soon with his tour.”