What is considered the most famous electronic music venue in the Alicante region is in the middle of a complicated legal battle, which began with the cancellation of the event planned for Saturday, February 10. Since that weekend, the venue that has been home to thousands of ravers for more than 3 decades has tried, so far without success, to overcome the obstacles posed by the region’s administration. In response to this event, the electronic music community in Spain has expressed its affection and support with Metro Dance Clubone of the clearest examples being a petition on change.org, which has collected almost 4,000 signatures with the aim of requesting the immediate reopening of the room.

Sign the petition ‘ALWAYS METRO’

In 2024, it is surprising to see that in Spain there is a lack of updated information regarding the electronic music industry. That electronic music clubs are closing in the same country where Ibiza is located is difficult to understand. Victim of something that can only be classified as cultural censorship, the situation of “la Metro” puts under the magnifying glass the difficult situation faced by the industry based on what is undoubtedly one of the most famous musical trends and that has had the greatest impact. in the musical history of this country in recent decades.

Metro Dance

32 years is an impressive period of time, when talking about music venues or clubs. In Metro Dance, different generations from nations around the world have danced, talked and created memories. For the people of the area, in Metro there is a space that is not easily found in the surrounding area. The energy, the vibe of the audience, and night after night of memorable performances has created a legendary and iconic space with one goal: to dance from the moment the sun goes down until it rises again.

These same people, who consider Metro Dance their home, did not wait and filled the club’s social networks with support. Sharing hundreds of photos, videos and testimonies, they have transmitted the message throughout Spain. The national community, made up of artists, promoters, media and thousands of fans, has echoed the message, a movement that we hope will help pave the way for the reopening of the venue to proceed.

In response to the expressions of support and affection, José Ramón Navarrete, CEO of Metro Dance Club stated: “We would like to thank all lovers of electronic music and Metro Dance Club for the support received during these days. It is overwhelming to receive so many expressions of affection. We can only promise you that we will continue fighting and that very soon we will meet again on the dance floor. Because passion can do everything”.

From Wololo we stand in solidarity with Metro Dance Club. Rather than wait, we will continue to raise our voices to protest against the musical censorship of which one of the most historic music venues in the region is a victim.