Showcasing his talents for shredding guitar, dominating a deck and singing—whether gently or with a scream—Sullivan King have released a new single, “The Beginning.” However, in a turn of events for the dubstep superstar, he adds the hyperactive fun of drum & bass to the mix.

Though ultimately heavy and intense, the new single starts off gently, tantalizing with the illusion of a melodic record before a single cymbal leads to a frenetic beat. King illustrates a scene of desolation and despair, which quickly turns into rage with the switch from soft vocals to his signature screaming style. All the while, of course, a drop is prowling closer.

This kicks off a chain of events, with rugged electric guitar entering the fray to join the lament. All of King’s production elements then unite for a suspenseful build to a vigorous drop, euphoric at its outset before giving way to a blaring, blustering electronic pattern fit for an equally intense laser show. And somehow, amidst the mayhem, he manages to slip in TikTok’s signature video-ending sound—possibly to pay homage to his love for him for a laugh via the popular app.

“‘The Beginning’ is a song about remembering that things will get better even when the world feels cold and dark,” King said in a press release. “It is filled with so much energy and life, while stylistically remaining true to what I love to write, record, and produce.”

Today’s release of “The Beginning” follows King’s early-2024 tour with iconic heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold. Soon, fans of musical chaos will be able to hear the track live at the artist’s upcoming performances at Lost Lands, North Coast and EDC China, among other festivals.

Listen to “The Beginning” below and find the new single on streaming platforms here.

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