To celebrate 25 years of the auditory feast that is their self-titled breakout album, Slipknot has been treating fans to a series of releases, announcements, and promotional treats.

One of the highlights of the anniversary festivities is the release of a new high-definition music video for our new national anthem. This video features a performance from Ozzfest, originally included in their 1999 video album Welcome To Our Neighborhood. The performance, which includes late members Joey Jordison and Paul Gray, as well as former members Craig Jones and Chris Fehn, captures the raw energy and intensity that made “Surfacing” a staple in the Iowa gang’s setlists. Slipknot shared the video on social media, inviting fans to kick back, shotgun a Four Loko or two, and blast it with the message: “Your new national anthem. The official video for Surfacing is now available on our @YouTube channel.”

Anniversary Tour Promotion

In a nod to the era of skyrocketing ticket prices, Slipknot announced a special “25 Dollar” ticket promotion for their Here Comes The Pain North American tour. From June 26th to June 29th, fans could use the code ‘SLIPKNOT25’ to purchase tickets for just $25. The tour, featuring Knocked Loose in support as well as Orbit Culture and Vended on select dates, promises to bring the energy and nostalgia of Slipknot’s debut album to audiences across the US this summer, with plans to extend the celebrations to the UK and Europe later in the year.

Clown’s Photo Series

Shawn “Clown” Crahan also contributed to the anniversary celebrations by sharing a series of vintage photos of each original band member on social mediafollowed by the full band photo from the Slipknot album cover. While comments were disabled on most of these posts, Clown allowed fans to share their thoughts on the group photo, where he simply wrote “thank you.” Controversial regarding the current state of the ‘Knot aside,’ this post garnered many heartfelt messages from fans reminiscing about their first experiences with the album and its impact on their lives.

Upcoming Release of “Look Outside Your Window”

Crahan also took the opportunity to host a Reddit AMAin which he confirmed that the long-awaited album Look Outside Your Window will be released soon. Recorded in 2008 by Clown, Wilson, Root, and Taylor during the All Hope Is Gone sessions, the album has been described as “timeless” by Clown, telling fans they shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of the album. He explained that its delayed release was due to prioritizing other projects, but assured the maggots that it “has to come out” and will do so shortly.

Fans are also eagerly anticipating new music from Slipknot. During the Reddit AMA, Clown hinted at the potential release of a new song titled “Long May You Die.” While he didn’t provide a specific release date, he encouraged fans to keep asking for it, suggesting that their enthusiasm could help bring the track to light sooner rather than later.

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