Through an interview granted to Rolling Stone magazine, the Colombian singer Shakira offered more information about the complex relationship she had with the former soccer player, Gerard Piqué and gave new information about what she experienced in Spain.

In addition to having disrespected the relationship and breaking her heart, Pique took away part of her essence and culture by always keeping her in Spain.

“My accent is back, thank God,” he told the magazine, indicating that he has “recovered his style and his sexy side.” In her new stage, being surrounded by Colombian and Barranquilla women and Latin American people from her children’s school has allowed her to return to her origins and the culture that she shared for so long.

It should be noted that the singer was the target of multiple criticisms and ridicule for a long time for having reduced her Colombian accent and beginning to use a Spanish accent more.

Likewise, he assured that today his heart is full of love, joy and blessings. Among them, a new album and a mega world tour under the name “Women no longer cry,” after the iconic phrase that has become the motto and flag of many.