The month of June was the perfect opportunity for the LGBTIQ+ community to fully enjoy freedom and fight for their rights. In this sense, multiple artists wanted to support them and, through social networks, sent warm messages, just as Shakira did, who is being harshly criticized for that reason.

After going to Barranquilla to take care of her father, who was in a difficult health situation, the artist returned to Miami to continue with her work. It is expected that she is full of commitments so she had not had the opportunity to address the community in support of them, as she did on her Instagram account.

The Colombian was riddled with bullets by her followers

“Hope everyone had a wonderful Pride Month! Always supporting equality, freedom, love and friendship,” the singer wrote. In the image we see two images in which her striking shirt prevails.

The garment features the rainbow flag, representing gay pride, as well as white, pink and blue stripes, as part of her support for the trans community. In one of the photos, she appears sending a loving kiss to her fans.

Although the message gained strength and was applauded by many, others rejected the Colombian’s support for the community, as they claim that this “is not from God.” In that sense, they assured that they would stop following her.

“My God, what is wrong with the world?”, “How sad,” “I wonder if you would still feel the same if your children were converted,” “No pride, no thanks,” “You earned me to stop following you,” “Nooo!! Please Shakira, we were doing well,” “Oh no Shakira… you too with this? I admired you so much,” are some of the comments.

This is not the first time that the singer of “Pies descalzos” has expressed her support for the collective. In previous years, she has also sent empowering messages to her fans who belong to this group that, to this day, fights for their rights and equality.