It’s time for another look at the bestsellers chart from GlobalComix, as ranked by their popularity algorithm, which takes into account engagement (eg comments, likes, adds to library) in addition to views.


1: Coexistence • Next_Jen

Next_Jen is a webcomic creator who joined GlobalComix earlier this month and is quickly gaining traction with 22 episodes of COEXISTENCE.

This universe is filled with wondrous alien species, unique worlds, and threats across the cosmos. One of these threats is the Vex Imperium. Hax, a commander of the Imperium, lands on Earth looking for an artifact. There, his path crosses with a human named Kate. Kate and Hax will set in motion a chain of events that will change humanity forever. Main episodes are released biweekly on Tuesday afternoons.

02 altrverse the somewhat incredible jackie boy man

2: ALTRVERSE: The Somewhat Incredible Jackie-Boy Man • Bad Egg Publishing

Also bubbling under, an ALTRVERSE series from YouTuber Jacksepticeye, THE SOMEWHAT INCREDIBLE JACKIE-BOY MAN. The is part of Bad Egg publishing’s line of comics from mostly YouTube containing creators, and some of these books are finding a loyal audience.

A long time ago, in a galax—no, wait. Gifted with Great Power and Great Respon–nope. Not that either. After a lifetime of fandom and fantasy, Jackie was caught in a strange, cosmic cock-up that gave him amazing powers! …Or at least, ‘fairly impressive physical abilities’? Now, inspired by the kinds of heroes from his favorite comics, anime, and video games, he’s trying to be a real-life super hero in an otherwise ordinary world, as the somewhat incredible JACKIE-BOY MAN!

Covers are attached for both lists. Have a great weekend.