The accusations of plagiarism against Karol G do not stop, after having released her single If I Had Met You Before. Initially, Shakira’s followers claimed that the Antioquian performer had copied herself from the Barranquilla singer, since the song sounds very similar to the chords used in the song Addicted to you, which Piqué’s ex-partner dedicated to the Spaniard when they were starting their relationship.

Now, the turn would have been for Rosalía, since some Internet users stated that La Bichota would have appropriated the Spanish song Despechá, which would also have some similarities to the song that La Paisa recently released. And for some followers of the artist, she has performed songs like Con Altura and Bizcochito, although the lyrics have no similarity if they have similarities in the rhythms she uses.

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But the controversy with the artists does not end there, since the Spanish singer published a reel of photographs on her Instagram account with the song “Despechá” in the background. In this series of postcards, one in particular caught the attention in which La Rosalía appears making a gesture with her hands towards the camera, which was interpreted by many as a hint to the Colombian who is currently on her Mañana será bonito Tour in Europe and will arrive in Spain in the next few days.

In the Spanish publication, there were those who came out in defense of the Antioquian artist, since they mentioned that although there are things that could apparently be invented in music, the merengue rhythm is something that is already found in different compositions and not necessarily incurs a type of copying or plagiarism. However, there are also comments of support for La Rosalía, as they affirm that each one has its own musical style and there should be no reason for this type of jealousy among her followers.

Some of the comments that stand out in the Spanish woman’s publication are: “I recommend being Latin to make merengue, bai”; “Desphá is Despechá and I don’t discuss it with anyone”; “You both have very good songs, the rhythm is similar, but the lyrics have nothing to do with the other”; “baby, don’t call me, I’m busy making hits”; “The truth is that they both have their own style and there should be no reason for these discussions,” among others.

On the other hand, the Spaniard appears in another of the Instagram posts with headphones on and her eyes making a gesture of displeasure, which was interpreted by Internet users as a hint about the topic that the Antioquian delivered.

Another of the arguments that Karol G’s followers have given as a difference to the song delivered by Rosalía in July 2022 has to do with the duration of the song and that at the end, the paisa delivers a chorus accompaniment with the public who was part of the clip, having a different gap.

It is not the first time that Karol G has been accused of copying La Rosalía

In June 2021, various theories emerged on social networks regarding the relationship between the artists due to certain similarities that existed with the songs Tusa and Con Altura, in regards to the type of lyrics in the introductions of the videos, how some movements that the Colombian makes in the clip with her hands.

Likewise, Karol G recalled at the time in an interview with La W that he has had the opportunity to interact with Rosalía in the past and defines her as a very integral artist. “I admire her very much, (…) I feel that it is something more that people created and has gained strength (…) I think that her music is incredible, she has a very clear and defined concept, a very complete artist.”