Despite releasing several hits over the years, Nicky Jam isn’t too happy about the state of the music industry, which led to Mike Tyson addressing all the influencers today. After his retirement from boxing, Tyson has indulged in several lucrative ventures. However, his most popular venture among fans has to be his Hotboxin With Mike Tyson podcast.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Even though he took a hiatus from producing the episodes for the podcast in 2023, the former heavyweight champion is back with a bang. In the latest iteration of his podcast, Tyson played host to the Reggaeton Singer! However, when Jam brought up the sad state of the music industry, Tyson could not help but ask influencers to “Stop the Bulls**t!” Here’s why?

Nicky Jam reveals what it takes to have a hit in the music industry


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Speaking about his latest album and the things he had to do to promote it, Jam claimed, “Today, you got to [be] trending to have a hit in the music industry, and I think that’s stupid. “I’m just tired of that s**t.” Of course, to get the music trending, the song needs to be popular among influencers on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Jam claims he respects his fans for making such TikTok videos with the songs, which helps those songs trend. “But I just think whatever [is going on] right now is not something that I’m enjoying,” Jam said. Hearing this, Tyson started mocking the influencers with a little song and dance and asked them to “Stop that bulls**t!”

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In response, the singer elaborated on his point, claiming people don’t know the whole song that goes viral because of influencers. Instead, fans just remember the little snippet of the song when they go to the concerts. “The part of the song that gets really hot is just the little minutes that [they] put, and then you go to the concert, people don’t know the whole song, they only know that part,” Jam said. With that aside, unfortunately, there’s some bad news for Hotboxin fans.

The last of Hotboxin With Mike Tyson

After starting the podcast sometime at the end of 2018, Tyson has produced numerous episodes of his popular podcast. More impressively, the former heavyweight champion has hosted some of the most popular names in the world in his podcast. However, sadly, Mike Tyson announced today that the Nicky Jam episode would be his last.


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In a social media post on Instagram, Tyson said, “Ladies and gentlemen, these are my final recordings of HotBoxin. I really enjoyed being a part of this journey and all the people that I met, [and] the remarkable people that I met in interviews. And by now, for me, this is my next chapter in life.” Tyson urged his followers to enjoy the episode and look out for his next venture.


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Whether or not influencers have convoluted how music is popularized today can be a debate of its own. However, as things are, both Mike Tyson and Nicky Jam aren’t on board with how things are done now. What’s your take on influencers and music?

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