The renowned Colombian singer Maluma surprised in recent days by announcing his participation in the Kings World Cup (KWC), organized by Gerard Piqué, as president of the Medallo City team.

The competition will take place in Mexico from May 26 to June 8, 2024 and will bring together prominent figures from football, the digital world and other sectors, who will be part of 32 teams from different regions of the world.

8 teams from the Kings League Spain, 8 from the Kings League Americas and 12 guests from the rest of the world will participate in the event, including the Medallo City team, chaired by the Colombian singer.

The announcement was made in a video published by the official account of the Kings League, in which Maluma can be seen speaking on the phone with Gerard Piqué.

“I think this World Cup needs a little touch of flavor, street and music,” the Colombian told the former Spanish soccer player, who finally gave him approval to participate in the tournament. “Let’s give it some flavor,” Piqué responded.

After this, Maluma confirmed the name of his team, Medallo City, expressing his excitement at being able to combine his two passions, music and soccer.

“I am very excited to be part of this beautiful project. Special greetings to my partner Gerard and the entire work team for giving me the opportunity to do this,” said the singer.

In the video, Maluma also talked about his time in soccer as a teenager and explained that his team’s name is a tribute to Medellín.

He also revealed that the Medallo City shield is a tribute to his dog Buddha, thus symbolizing his love for animals.

“I’m going for that World Cup. “Hold on!”, concluded the Colombian singer.

Like other Kings League events, this international cup promises to be a competition with massive audiences and full of emotions around music, football and important world figures.