The popular Brazilian singer, Anitta surprised her followers by telling personal details about when she is attracted to a man.

Anitta, known for her charisma and uninhibited style, has once again captured the attention of her followers by revealing personal details about her romantic relationships during a recent interview for Pinky Promise TV.

The artist addressed various topics, from her upcoming musical projects to more private details. It was in this context that the conversation turned to the topic of what she is like when she is with a boy, after raising a question from the public, and Anitta, with her characteristic frankness, did not hesitate to share her response.

“I like to change the look of the type I am in. I love it. “I want to fix my hair, my perfume, my style, but I always have to fix something,” said the ‘Envolver’ singer. Likewise, Anitta stressed that it depends on the moment in her life. On the other hand, she emphasized that she is now in a romantic stage, where she likes nice words, gestures, as if it were a movie.

Anitta: what are your most popular songs?

Anitta has gained a lot of popularity in recent years thanks to her successful songs and musical collaborations with other artists of the moment, such as Peso Pluma. The 31-year-old Brazilian star on the Spotify platform has 31 million monthly listeners.

‘Joga pra lua’
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