UK-based producer and DJ Semark you’ve just dropped a fresh house anthem, ‘Want Ur Love’. Known for his electrifying soundscape with pounding beats and catchy melodies, Semark is quickly making a name for himself in the electronic music scene. With several impressive releases, including an official remix for Mollie Collins’ Right Good Records, he’s a talent you don’t want to miss. Semark’s journey is driven by ambition and determination. He’s lit up venues across the UK, including the iconic Ministry of Sound in London, and held multiple residencies. His music blends House and Dance with a touch of 90s flair, creating a unique and high-energy sound. ‘Want Ur Love’ is a testament to Semark’s signature style, featuring compelling vocals, uplifting melodies, and intoxicating hooks. The track pulses with driving rhythms and a powerful bassline, enhanced by playful chordal piano and bouncy synths—perfect for energizing dancefloors. Hear what we mean by streaming the track below and be sure to turn your speakers up for this one.

Semark – Want Ur Love | stream

LISTEN: Semark Delivers a Catchy New House Anthem in “Want Ur Love”