Lego Fortnite Plays in a persistent world, meaning not only does your avatar get hungry and run out of stamina, but you will also get too hot when in places like lava caves or the desert. If left untreated, you will take damage! But cast your worries aside, because we’ve got the ultimate tips for what to craft to keep you safe from the extremes.

Open your inventory and over on the right side of the screen, you’ll see some bonus slots. These are for Charms and Equipment, into which you can slot items that will increase your protection against the temperatures, and do an overall better job of staying healthy. And when things get hot, what you want is the Cool-Headed Charm.

How to craft the Uncommon Cool-Headed Charm in Lego Fortnite

Screenshot: Epic/Kotaku

The Cool-Headed Charm is a trickier build than many in Lego Fortnite, requiring more advanced materials that you’re not going to have day one. To get it, you’re going to need to begin by upgrading your Crafting Bench to Uncommon, because what we’re after here is actually the “Uncommon Cool-Headed Charm.” For that you’ll need eight Planks and three Shells. After that, you’re going to want these materials:

  • 3 Silk Thread
  • 1 Marble
  • 3 Sand Shell

To get the Marble, you’ll also need an Uncommon level Pickaxe, and go mining in caves. For the Silk Thread, you need to beat up a bunch of nighttime spiders, and then weave their silk on a Spinning Wheel. And for those shells, you want to go take care of some Sand Rollers on the beach.

With all these ingredients in hand, you’ll need to head to your shiny new Crafting Bench, where the Cool-Headed Charm should now be available. This will offer you permanent resistance to some heat, allowing you to spend as much time in the desert or lava caves as you wish.

How to craft the Rare Cool-Headed Charm in Lego Fortnite

However, Lego Fortnite can get even hotter, and for those areas you’ll need to step things up even further. A more temporary measure is to stack Snowberries or Snowberry Shakes, which increase your heat resistance, the fruits found in the Frostlands. But you can take it to the next level with the Rare Cool-Headed Charm. For that, you’ll need to upgrade your Bench once more, this time to the Rare tier, which is a whole thing. To do it, you’ll need to gather:

  • 12 Knotroot Rods
  • 15 Marble Slabs
  • 6 Sand Claws
  • 3 Sand Shells

That done, you can upgrade your Uncommon Cool-Headed Charm to Rare with the following ingredients:

  • 3 Heavy Wool Thread.
  • 5 FrostShell.
  • 1 Sand Brute Scale.
  • 3 Malachite Slabs.

Now you can go stand on the surface of the sun itself. Or, perhaps in a future upgrade. But for now you’re good to fight off the hottest climes.